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Portable Bakhoor / Mabkhara
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Portable Bakhoor Burner / Mabkhara / Arabic Bakhoor Burner

- One touch self-lighting windproof vaporizer
- Refillable butane torch to be filled first)
- Made from No 6016 aluminum
- Designed for convenience, discretion, and portability, easy to carry in pocket or purse

Application: Burnning incense for the Fragrance Burner
Material: Alumium Bakhoor Lighter pen

Colour: BLUE / RED / GOLD
NW: 0.085kg/pc
GW: 0.09kg/pc
Size of Produc: 10cm x 25cm
Size of Package: 56cm x 35cm * 56cm

Package: Gift Box

Structure: Perfume atomizer cap/Spice Container/Combustor/Lighter

Incense Spice/Bakhoor/Sandalwood/Frankincense/Incense Gum/Dried Lavender and so on

Occasion for Gift: Promotional advertising, business gifts, holiday-like Ramadan, birthday, fairs, public relations planning for relatives

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4 reviews